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Table 1 Summary of the HIV-1 envelopes tested in the different experimental models.

From: HLA-C increases HIV-1 infectivity and is associated with gp120

Experimental model Host cell
(HLA-C allele)
HLA-C siRNA silencing and cell
fusion assays
HeLa (Cw12) ADA (R5/B)
LAI (X4/B)
NDK (X4/D)
gp120/gp41 transient transfection
and cell fusion assays
CHO-HLA-C (Cw4) 93MW965 (R5/C)
91US005 (R5/B)
92UG024 (X4/D)
NDK (X4/D)
J500 (X4/B)
Pseudovirus transductions 293T (Cw7) pRHPA4259.7 (R5/B)
6535.3 (R5/B)
NDK (X4/D)
m7NDK (X4/D)
  1. HLA-C silencing was conducted on human cells (HeLa-derived) physiologically expressing HLA-C and stably expressing Env of different strains (ADA, LAI, NDK).
  2. Transient transfections experiments with plasmids encoding different Envs were conducted on non-human CHO cells stably expressing HLA-C to directly compare the effect of HLA-C in the absence of other human MHC class I molecules.
  3. Pseudoviruses were produced in HLA-C silenced 293T cells since this human cell line is the election host for efficient and quantitative production of pseudotyped virus particle. The Envs tested belong to a standard reference panel (NIBSC EVA CFAR ARP2066) except NDK.