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Figure 3

From: Viral complementation allows HIV-1 replication without integration

Figure 3

Late HIV-1 gene expression from integrating and non-integrating HIV-1. Activated primary T cells were infected with A. a WT-GFP virus, B. a D116N-GFP/HSA dual reporter virus or C. coinfected with the D116N-GFP/HSA dual reporter and a WT-DsRedX virus. Cells were analyzed by flow cytometry 48 hours after infection. Upper panels show all infected cells, total infection rates, and the gates applied for analysis in the lower panels. Lower panels show Rev-independent early gene expression (GFP) vs. Rev-dependent late gene expression (HSA). Gating is on the fluorescent cells in the top panels in order to highlight the ratio of cells displaying early (GFP+HSA- cells) to those exhibiting late HIV-1 expression (GFP+HSA+ cells). Data are representative of several independent experiments. Similar results are obtained with Jurkat cells.

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