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Table 1 Rates of HIV-1 infections in the vaccinees and in placebo inoculated volunteers enrolled in the STEP vaccine trial.

From: The aftermath of the Merck's HIV vaccine trial

  No immunity to Ad5 (< 18 units) Medium
immunity to Ad5
(18–200 units)
High immunity to Ad5
(201–1000 units)
Very high immunity
to Ad5 (> 1000 units)
Vaccinea 20 infected
out of 382 total
8 infected
out of 140 total
14 infected out of
229 total
7 infected out of 163
Placebob 20 infected out
of 394 total
4 infected
out of 142 total
7 infected out of 229
2 infected out of 157
  1. a. Subjects were inoculated with three rAD5 vectors expressing gag, pol or nef coding sequences.
  2. b. Control subjects were inoculated with an inactive substance (saline). Immunity to Ad5 vector was assessed by ELISA titers of the antibody response to the rAd5 vector.