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Figure 1

From: The dimerization domain of HIV-1 viral infectivity factor Vif is required to block virion incorporation of APOBEC3G

Figure 1

Vif Dimerization Antagonist Peptides Suppress HIV-1 Infectivity. MT2 cells grown in microtiter dishes where infected with live HIV-1 virus at 0.01 and treated every other day with either AZT (1 μM), Control peptide (50 μM), Peptide 1 (50 μM) or Peptide 2 (50 μM) or left untreated (viral control) as described in Methods. At the indicated days post-infection, cells were harvested for cell lysate preparation and reverse transcriptase quantification as described in Methods. Lysates were prepared from parallel cultures of uninfected and untreated cells (cell control) as controls for the reverse transcriptase assays.

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