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Figure 3

From: The HIV RNA setpoint theory revisited

Figure 3

Marker evolution on the AIDS hazard scale. Average marker evolution after seroconversion, represented on AIDS risk scale (grey area: 95% CI). Left y-axis shows effects of fitted average marker patterns on AIDS hazard, relative to hazard at average values at seroconversion (656 cells/μL for CD4 T-cell count and 104.3 = 19952 copies/mL for HIV RNA level). Right y-axis shows corresponding fitted marker values over time after seroconversion. Dashed grey line shows CD4 effect standardized to HIV RNA value ten years after seroconversion (i.e. the CD4 curve is moved downward, such that it corresponds with the HIV RNA curve at ten years after seroconversion; the 95% CI is rescaled as well).

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