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Figure 1

From: CD4-independent use of the CCR5 receptor by sequential primary SIVsm isolates

Figure 1

CD4-independent use of CCR5 by isolates obtained on hPBMC. NP-2/CCR5 cells were infected with virus stocks containing 2.7–3.5 log10 pg RT/well. The day after infection cultures were washed extensively and fresh medium was added. Infected NP-2/CCR5 cells were followed for syncytia induction up to seven days after infection. RT was analyzed in supernatants from NP-2 cells at day 1 after wash and before start of cocultivation. Cocultivation of NP-2/CCR5 cells with hPBMC was started seven days after infection and virus production was measured after additional 6 days. CD4-independent-HIGH, virus production and/or syncytia induction could be detected directly in NP-2/CCR5 cells (dark grey). CD4-independent-LOW, productive infection in NP-2/CCR5 cells revealed only after cocultivation of infected NP-2/CCR5 cells with hPBMC (light grey). RT was analyzed with undiluted supernatants and therefore values above 1000 pg RT/ml cannot be separated. Detection limit for RT was 50 pg/ml. Values are means of duplicate infections.

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