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Figure 6

From: Human T-lymphotropic virus type-1 p30 alters cell cycle G2 regulation of T lymphocytes to enhance cell survival

Figure 6

PLK1 protein level is reduced in p30 Jurkat T-cells and overall quantified comparisons. A) Western blot analysis of cytosolic (C) or nuclear extract (N) prepared from either p30 expressing or mock Jurkat T-cells and probed with anti-PLK1, pPLK-1(T-210) and pCdc25C(S-198). β-actin was used as a loading control. B) Densitometric analysis of western blot: Band intensity was quantified by Gel-Pro Analyzer 3.1® and normalized to β-actin. Graph represents densitometric analysis of 4 independent western blots for each of the represented proteins.

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