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Update on global HIV prevention research

While vaccine development is a major theme of IHV meetings, other prevention research approaches are not necessarily on the radar scope of the basic science and clinical researchers seeking state-of-the-art updates. The HIV Prevention Trials Network and the Microbicide Trials Network are engaged a wide variety of prevention clinical trials. Other trials are underway with other sources of support. This presentation will highlight current challenges in:

-Barrier research, including microbicides and diaphragms

-Male circumcision and its rationale

-Use of antiretroviral therapy and transmission prevention

-Use of opportunistic infection and helminth treatment to reduce viral load and infectiousness

-Control of sexually transmitted diseases to reduce HIV transmission efficiency

-Selected highlights in treatment of drug abuse to reduce HIV risk, prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission, and in behavior change research for prevention.

The goal for this presentation is to challenge the basic science and clinical research communities to identify important partnerships that can enhance the scientific value of key prevention clinical trials, as well as to address underlying mechanisms of approaches that show promise as new tools.

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