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Figure 5

From: Involvement of HTLV-I Tax and CREB in aneuploidy: a bioinformatics approach

Figure 5

Effect of Tax on Sgt1 and p97 protein levels. A) One hundred microgram of total cell extracts from human (CEM and C81) and mouse (CTLL/WT and CTLL/703) cells were prepared and ran on a 4–20% SDS PAGE. All three C81, CTLL/WT, CTLL/703 express Tax and CEM served as a negative control. Western blots were with anti-Sgt1 (1:1000), anti-p97 (1:500) and anti-actin (1:5000) antibodies. Two forms of Sgt1 (A and B) were observed in human cells, where the A form is wild type protein and B form is the splice variant. B) Five microgram of either wild type or M47 Tax was transfected into CEM (5x106/sample) cells. Following transfection cells were kept at 37°C for 48 hrs, followed by preparation of total extract and processed for western blot using a 4–20% SDS-PAGE. Similar antibodies as in panel A were used for the western blot and immune complexes were detected using ECL.

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