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Coinfection Of HIV With HBV And HVC In A Low Resources Setting


Co-infection of HIV with HVB and C is well described in medical literature from all over the world. The coexistence of these infections can worsen the evolution of anyone of them, therefore a fast diagnosis and treatment can help to achieve a better prognosis. Malvinas Argentinas County is a low resources seting located in NW of Buenos Aires Province. Objective: Determining the existence of co-infection with HIV and HVB and/or HVC in patients (p) included in the Municipal Program Against HIV and establishing the characteristics of the infected population.


Prospective study of HIV+ p regarding the presence of positive serology for HVC (ELISA), HVB (determination of HBsAg) or both.

Data obtained

Sex and risk factor for HIV infection (heterosexual, homo/bisexual, intravenous drug use (IDU).


Of 162 p, 15 were HVC+ (9.3%), 13 HbsAg+ (8%) y 2 HVC/HbsAg+ (1,2%). 13 HVC+ were male (87%) (p = 0.007), and among them, risk factor for HIV acquisition was IDU in 9 cases (60%) and heterosexual risk behaviour in 6 (RR 12 -IC: 4,83<RR<29,79; p0,0005). 11 HbsAg+ were male (84.5%) (p = 0.005) and among them risk factors for HIV acquisition were heterosexual risk behaviour in 5 cases, homosexual risk behaviour in 6 cases and IDU in 2 cases, none of this were significant as relative risks.


Male sex was a significant relative for coinfection on HIV with HBV and HVC, maybe related to IDU in this population. IBU as a risk factor for acquisition of HIV was signicant for coinfection with HCV. Warning about HCV coinfection should be adopted in this improve the prognosis of both infections.

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