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Visualizing Induction of Lytic Gammaherpesvirus Infection

  • Dexue Fu1,
  • Martin Pomper1,
  • Catherine Foss1 and
  • Richard Ambinder1Email author
Retrovirology20052(Suppl 1):S22

Published: 8 December 2005


LymphomaInfectious DiseaseCancer ResearchThymidineNucleoside

EBV and KSHV both are associated with malignancies. In tumors the latent form of infection predominates and there is little or no expression of lytic genes. FIAU is a nucleoside analogue that is selectively phosphorylated by EBV and KSHV thymidine kinases. We have used a variety of pharmacologic agents to induce lytic infection in xenografts of Burkitt's lymphoma and primary effusion lymphoma cell lines in SCID mice. Using 125I labeled FIAU, we have been able to visualize lytic gene reactivation.


Authors’ Affiliations

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, US


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