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Public Policy and Aids Vaccine Development and Trials


Several policy and economic challenges come up in the quest for Aids Vaccine development and trial in Ghana and Africa as a whole. In resource limited countries like Ghana, individuals often must wait for several years before they have access to licensed vaccines. Key policy issues and economic challenges affecting Aids vaccine development and trial include; providing adequate funding for public and private sector research, enforcing protection for human subjects in clinical trials as well as speeding regulatory consideration of clinical trials.


This presentation will look at potential policy interventions and each stage of the product development and delivery process. There will be a review of academic writings and current policy proposals and well as considering the merits and limitations of several proposals.


As far as Aids vaccine research is concern, Policy makers have a critical role to play. A variety of policy interventions are required to achieve accelerated results.


For speedy Aids vaccine research and trials, policy makers should carefully access the merits of policy proposals and enact changes as and when it's necessary.

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