Volume 2 Supplement 1

2005 International Meeting of The Institute of Human Virology

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Risk Factors for CD4 Lymphopenia in Patients Treated With a Tenofovir/Didanosine High Dose-containing Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Regimen

Retrovirology20052(Suppl 1):P61


Published: 8 December 2005

In this study, the dynamics of CD4 cell depletion during tenofovir/didanosine co-administration were analysed. Ninety-five HIV-positive patients were followed for 562 days, and 37 lost at least 50 CD4 cells, with a median delay of 274 days. Cox analysis showed that the CD4 cell decrease was associated with a duration of treatment by didanosine of more than 853 days and a didanosine dose of more than 5.50 mg/kg.


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