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Long Distance Truck Driving and HIV/AIDS


One male occupation that appears to be associated with increase risk of HIV infection is long distance truck driving, a profession that requires prolonged absence from home and families.


The present study was conducted in Jamnagar, Gujrat, India. Period of data collection was from Nov 2000 To October 2001(365 days). Out of this 260 days were taken as working days and per day on an average 6 drivers were interviewed individually. The truck drivers were contacted at Four places which are the places of entry at this city. On the basis of this sample size is calculated as = 260 × 6 = 1560 Total 1600 were studied. Further one year was taken for analysis.


Majority (46.8%) were in age group of 15–25 years. 26.3% were illiterate. 41.6% had monthly income between 1001–200 rupees. Except 16.6% drivers all others were long distance drivers. 72% were married. 58% out of total had history of visiting CSWS(commercial sex workers). 56.9% of total drivers never used condoms during sex with CSWS. 38% of unmarried drivers gave history of STD as compared to 26.6% married. It was also observed that those drivers who remained >2 weeks or more than that away from there families have visited more to CSWS. Various types of addiction habits have been noticed in which alchohal, tobacco tops the list. STD history was found among 30% of them. Only about 400 knew about AIDS.


They have poor knowledge and awareness regarding HIV/AIDS and so many misconceptions are also noticed so Disseminate awareness among them.

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