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Figure 3

From: Changes in microRNA expression profiles in HIV-1-transfected human cells

Figure 3

Changes in miRNA profile after transfection of HeLa cells with HIV-1 pNL4-3. A) Example slide readouts are shown using small RNAs isolated from mock-(left panel) and pNL4-3-transfected HeLa cells (right panel). Here, each probe was printed 5 times in a row (spots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 labeled at top of the arrays). Signals appear as green dots. B) Cell plot analysis of the miRNA expression profiles of mock-transfected HeLa cells (samples 1 and 2) and pNL4-3-transfected HeLa cells (sample 3). Each colored block represents the expression of one miRNA (labeled on the left) in the indicated sample. Signals acquired from the microarray are converted into color (high signal = red; low signal = black; no signal = green). Samples 1 and 2 (mock-transfected HeLa cells) show highly similar color patterns while sample 3 (pNL4-3-transfected HeLa cells) shows reduced miRNA expression (i.e. only a few blocks appear red in color). The red-boxed miRNAs were chosen for real-time PCR validation in figure 5.

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