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Figure 5

From: Inhibition of Tat activity by the HEXIM1 protein

Figure 5

P-TEFb activity in F:HEXIM1 transfected cells. Human 293 cells were transfected with 100 ng of F:HEXIM1 and cell extracts were prepared from mock and F:HEXIM1 expressing cells at 48 hr after transfection. Cell extracts were immunoprecipitated with anti-cycT1 antisera. The relative amounts of immunopreicipitated cyclinT1, CDK9 and HEXIM1 were quantitated by immunoblotting. Samples were treated or not treated with RNase, as indicated. Kinase assays were performed using a CTD4 peptide and 32P incorporation was quantified in arbitrary units and plotted versus time (min). This experiment was performed four times with similar results. A typical experiment is shown.

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