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Table 1 Relative levels of the three viral mRNA classes. The amounts of radioactivy in mRNA signals identified by Northern blotting or by slot blotting experiments (see methods) were measured using a Storm scanner. (A) Relative levels of total intracellular viral RNA were determined as the sum of the radioactivity in the 3 signals corresponding to the 2, 4 and 9 kb mRNAs from the same experiments. Levels are expressed as the percentages of total viral RNA in cells transfected with HIV pNL4.3 only used as a reference (100 %) or with HIV-1 pNL4.3 and an SR plasmid. For the same degree of DNA transfection, the percentages of the unspliced and spliced mRNAs were calculated relative to the total viral RNA considered as 100 %. (B) Values of genomic RNA packaged into a standardized amounts of virions (CAp24 ELISA) are reported relative to the virions produced in the absence of SR protein overexpression (100%).

From: Dual effect of the SR proteins ASF/SF2, SC35 and 9G8 on HIV-1 RNA splicing and virion production

  Total unspliced spliced 9 kb
HIV-1 (%) 100 8 92 100
+ ASF/SF2 (%) 25 0.5 24.5 24
+ SC35 (%) 20 0.5 19.5 25
+ 9G8 (%) 51 1.5 49.5 37