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Table 1 Online resources on host genes in HIV biology and disease

From: GuavaH: a compendium of host genomic data in HIV biology and disease

Web site URL Content
Associated sites to GuavaH   
PEACHi Querying of cellular responses to HIV in vitro (SupT1 cells)
LITCHi Querying of expression data during HIV latency and upon reactivation in a primary CD4+ T cell model
G2G Interactive HIV-host genome-to-genome map of the HLA class I locus and viral genome variation
External sites   
Gene overlapper Interactive overlapping of output from genome-wide surveys of host cell genes linked to HIV infection
NCBI HIV-1 Human protein interaction database The HIV-1, human protein interaction data are based on literature reports.
Reactome HIV Visualization, interpretation and analysis of pathway knowledge
VirusMINT – Virus molecular interaction database Interactions between human and HIV proteins are integrated in the human protein interaction network