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Table 2 Integration sites at Syn2 , Klf7 , Slc6a20a/Lztfl1/Ccr9 , Celf2 and Col4a5/Irs4 in tumors from BALB/c and NMRI mice

From: Novel principles of gamma-retroviral insertional transcription activation in murine leukemia virus-induced end-stage tumors

Tumor number and integration cluster Integration site
35 (Irs4, upstream) chrX:138171812
53 (Ccr9) chr9:123667226
128 (Celf2) chr2:6629104
503 (Col4a5) chrX:138103923
604 (Klf7, downstream) chr1:64047271
672 (Irs4, upstream) chrX:138281270
759 (Irs4, upstream) chrX:138295736
760 (Irs4, upstream) chrX:138296394
840 (Irs4, upstream) chrX:138294828
891 (Klf7) chr1:64135021
1080 (Col4a5) chrX:138066322
1569 (Col4a5) chrX:138024869
1980 (Col4a5) chrX:138079594
2066 (Col4a5) chrX:137949312
2110 (Klf7, downstream) chr1:64050480
329 (Syn2) chr6:115073106
1158 (Ccr9) chr9:123676544
  1. This table lists integrations in other tumors from splinkerette-based BALB/c and NMRI mouse screens that were subjected to qPCR analysis and/or RACE. Integration clusters are shown in FigureĀ 2.