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Archived Comments for: Investigational treatment suspension and enhanced cell-mediated immunity at rebound followed by drug-free remission of simian AIDS

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  1. Correction and update

    Andrea Savarino, Istituto Superiore di Sanità

    10 January 2014

    During a retrospective analysis of our results we realized that the first three pre-therapy viral load values of macaque P157 are incorrect, the correct ones having been published in Shytaj IL et al. PLOS Pathogens 2012. These are, however, not part of the original data that were disclosed in the manuscript and were inserted only as a matter of comparison, in order to show that the macaque was stably viremic before our therapeutic intervention. The error does not alter the results of data analysis (P value of multivariate analysis in Fig.2= 0.023; P value of ANOVA in Fig.3 <0.0418). Thus the interpretation of the data and the conclusions are unaffected. We apologize for the mistake that was due to an incorrect data transfer from an excel to a graphpad file. We also take the opportunity to point out a recent presentation in which additional data on this topic, including a long term-follow up of post-therapy viral loads, were presented [Shytaj IL “Sixth International Workshop on HIV Persistence during Therapy” Miami, December 3-6; ]

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