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Table 1 Immune status of vaccinees after all live-virus challenges

From: Live-virus exposure of vaccine-protected macaques alters the anti-HIV-1 antibody repertoire in the absence of viremia

Level of protection Animal name Virological outcome Interpretation Immunogens Challenge viruses (challenge route) Enrolled in study
Complete ROb-12 Aviremic Cryptic infection HIV-C gp160 and gp145 + SIV Gag overlapping synthetic peptides (OSP)+ HIV Tat OSP+ SIV Nef OSP Multiple low-doses with SHIV-2873Nip (intrarectal) [14] unpublished
  RAt-9 Aviremic Cryptic infection HIV-C gp160 + SIV Gag-Pol particles + HIV Tat Single low-dose with SHIV-1157ip (oral) and single high-dose with SHIV-1157ipd3N4 (intrarectal) [15] [810]
  RQe-10 Aviremic Sterilizing immunity Listeria monocytogenes expressing SIV gag + Ad5hr encoding SIV gag + HIV-C gp160 + HIV Tat Multiple low-doses with SHIV-1157ipEL-p (intrarectal) [13] [11]
  RRi-11 Aviremic Sterilizing immunity HIV-C gp160 + SIV Gag-Pol particles + HIV Tat Multiple low-doses and one high-dose with SHIV-1157ipEL-p (intrarectal) [13] [12]
  RTr-11 Aviremic Cryptic infection
Partial RBr-11 Lower peak viremia Chronic systemic infection
  RGe-11 Aviremic during low-dose challenges 2 low-level blips (<104 copies/ml)
None RDo-11 No protection Chronic systemic infection