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Figure 10

From: Dynamic electrophoretic fingerprinting of the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein

Figure 10

Partial dynamic electrophoretic fingerprints (DEF) of three purified HIV-1 strains and microvesicles. (A) R5-tropic BX08, (B) R5-tropic BaL, and (C) X4-tropic IIIB were concentrated, purified and suspended in 154 mM NaCl. (D) Microvesicles from activated T cell line were concentrated and suspended in 154 mM NaCl. DEFs were generated from measurements of electrophoretic mobility made at 13 pH values ranging from 3.0 to 9.0 for particles in 154 mM NaCl for each particle type (pλ 4.1-4.2). BX08 virions were examined at 8 NaCl concentrations ranging from 1 to 200 mM NaCl, corresponding to pλ 2.60-4.31. Data shown is the accumulated result of three independent preparations each with independent three titrations performed per batch of virus and once for microvesicles. Three measurements were made at each titration point which were subsequently averaged (n = 27 for virions, 9 for microvesicles at each pH/pλ combination). Data were plotted using direct linear interpolation.

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