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Figure 8 | Retrovirology

Figure 8

From: A consensus surface activation marker signature is partially dependent on human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Nef expression within productively infected macrophages

Figure 8

Flow cytometric analyses for CD14, CD69, CD86 and CD68 expression on the surface of MDM infected with the HIV-Nef+, HIV-Nef- and HIV-NefP7480GFP reporter viruses. Representative scatter plots are show for the MDM donor data summarized in Figure 9. For each panel A-D: Top row: mock-infected MDM stained with isotype controls or CD14-APC antisera. Left column. Forward (FSC) and side scatter (SSC) for the indicated infected MDM gated for the live cells (R1) is shown and the percentage of live cells indicated. Second column from left. MDM in the live cell gate (R1) were analyzed by SSC and in the FL1 channel to identify the GFP + HIV-infected MDM (gate R2) and the GFP- or bystander cells (gate R3). The percentage of GFP + cells is indicated in the lower right corner and of bystander cells in the upper left as indicated by the arrow. Third and fourth columns from left. The cells in gates R2 and R3 were then analyzed in the FL4 channel for CD14 (Figure 8A), CD69 (Figure 8B), CD86 Figure 8C and CD68 (Figure 8D). The percentage of positive cells and the mean fluorescent intensity of staining are given.

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