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Table 4 Positive selective pressure on the Env glycoproteins in both children over the course of infection

From: Evolution of the human immunodeficiency virus type 2 envelope in the first years of infection is associated with the dynamics of the neutralizing antibody response

Env glycoprotein Codons under selective pressure (location)1
Child 1 Child 2
Year of birth Year 2 Year 5 Year of birth Year 5 Year 9
gp125 none 5, 7 (in SP) 178 (V2), 255, 259 (C2), 320 (V3), 459 (V5), 467, 471 (C5) none none 395 (C3)
gp36 none none 552 (HR1), 672, 673 (MPER) none none 562 (HR1)
  1. 1Codons identified as being significantly (P <0.05) under selective pressure are indicated; SP, signal peptide; V2, variable region 2; C2, conserved region 2; C3, conserved region 3; V3, variable region 3; V5, variable region 5; C5, conserved region 5; HR1, helical region 1; MPER, membrane proximal external region.