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Table 1 FIV Protease Escape Mutants (HIV equivalent residue)

From: Assessment of FIV-C infection of cats as a function of treatment with the protease inhibitor, TL-3

  PR mutations Ki vs TL-3 (nM)
Wildtype PR ---- 9.9
Cat 231 D105G (HIV88N) 47.3
  D94G (*) N.D.
  H72R (HIV63L) 10.9
  N55D (HIV46M) 9.1
  G52R (HIV43K) N.D.
  1M107R (HIV90L) inactive
  1N51Y (HIV42W) N.D.
Cat 228 C69R (HIV60D) N.D.
Cat 222 D105G (HIV88N) 47.3
  1. 1 isolated from 8th week plasma
  2. * no HIV equivalent site
  3. Bold type, FIV-C point mutant of interest
  4. N.D. not determined