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Table 1 MT regulatory factors that interact with HIV-1 capsid and their effects on early stages of infection

From: HIV-1 capsid exploitation of the host microtubule cytoskeleton during early infection

Gene name (NCBI)a Gene ID (NCBI)a Early steps of HIV-1 life cycle affected References
PDZD8: PDZ domain containing protein 8 118987 Reverse transcription and capsid stability [37, 38]
BICD2: Bicaudal D homology 2 23299 Retrograde trafficking and uncoating [31, 97]
FEZ1: Fasciculation and elongation protein zeta 1 9638 Retrograde trafficking and uncoating [69, 96]
MARK2: MT affinity regulating kinase 2 2011 Retrograde trafficking and uncoating [69]
MAP1A: MT associated protein 1A 4130 Nuclear translocation [69]
MAP1S: MT associated protein 1S 55201 Nuclear translocation [64]
DIAPH1 (Dia1): Diaphanous related formin 1 1729 Retrograde trafficking, uncoating and reverse transcription [42]
DIAPH2 (Dia2):Diaphanous related formin 2 1730 Retrograde trafficking, uncoating and reverse transcription [42]
CLASP2: Cytoplasmic linker associated protein 2 23122 Retrograde trafficking [30]
CLIP170: Cytoplasmic linker protein 170 6249 Retrograde trafficking and uncoating [75]
  1. aNCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information