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Table 1 List of HTLV-1 diagnostic serological assay kits commercially available in Japan that were used in this study

From: Establishment of a novel diagnostic test algorithm for human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 infection with line immunoassay replacement of western blotting: a collaborative study for performance evaluation of diagnostic assays in Japan

Kit name Method Manufacturer
Elecsys® HTLV-I/II ECLIA Roche Diagnostics K.K.
HISCL HTLV-I Ab CLEIA Sysmex Corporation
Serodia® HTLV-I PA Fujirebio Inc.
Lumipulse® HTLV-I CLEIA Fujirebio Inc.
Lumipulse® Presto HTLV-I CLEIA Fujirebio Inc.
Lumipulse® HTLV-I/II CLEIA Fujirebio Inc.
Lumipulse® Presto HTLV-I/II CLEIA Fujirebio Inc.
Problot HTLV-I WB Fujirebio Inc.
INNO-LIA HTLV-I/II Score LIA Fujirebio Inc.
  1. CLIA chemiluminescent immunoassay, ECLIA electrochemiluminescence immunoassay, CLEIA chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay, PA particle agglutination, WB western blot, LIA line immunoassay