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Table 1 HML-2 proviruses with alternative names and genomic coordinates

From: Promoter expression of HERV-K (HML-2) provirus-derived sequences is related to LTR sequence variation and polymorphic transcription factor binding sites

Provirus Alternative names Chromosomal location (hg19)
1q22 K102, K(C1b), K50a, ERVK-7 chr1:155,596,457–155,605,636
3q12.3 KII, ERVK-5 chr3:101,410,737–101,419,859
3q21.2 KI, ERVK-4 chr3:125,609,302–125,618,439
5p13.3 K104, K50d chr5:30,486,760–30,496,205
7p22.1b K108R, ERVK-6 chr7:4,630,561–4,640,031
8p23.1c   chr8:12,073,970–12,083,497
11p15.4 K7 chr11:3,468,656–3,478,209
21q21.1 K60, ERVK-23 chr21:19,933,659–19,941,962
22q11.21 K101, K(C22), ERVK-24 chr22:18,926,187–18,935,361
  1. From Subramanian et al. [4] and Montesion et al. [32]