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Table 2 Overview of patient cohort studies investigating host and immune factors linked with bnAb development

From: Broadly neutralizing antibodies: What is needed to move from a rare event in HIV-1 infection to vaccine efficacy?

Reference Number of subjectsa Investigated host and immune factors Association with breadth
Boliar et al. [90] 41 Total plasma IgG Positive
B cell expression of:  
PD-1 None
Ki67 None
CD95 None
Cohen et al. [78] 15 CXCR5 + CD4 + T cells Positive
CXCR5 + PD-1 + CD4 + T cells Positive
CXCR5 + PD-1 + ICOS + CD4 + T cells Positive
Plasma CXCL13 Positive
Plasma IL21 None
Plasma BAFF None
Other cytokines and chemokines None
CD3CD19+ CD27 naïve B cells None
CD3 CD19+ CD27+ memory B cells None
Env-specific CD3 CD19+ CD27+ gp120+ memory B cells None
CXCR5 expression on B cells None
Expression of activation-associated genes Positive
Expression of IFN-stimulated genes IFI27 and ISG15 Positive
Expression of CXCL13 and RGS13 Positive
Doria-Rose et al. [51] 148 Total CD19+B cells None
CD19+IgG+ B cells None
CD19+ CD27+ memory B cells None
CD19+ CD20 CD27+++ CD38+++ plasmablasts None
Env-specific CD19+ gp140+ B cells None
Doria-Rose et al. [11] 103 Ethnicity None
Gender None
Age None
HLA genotype None
Dugast et al. [53] 163 Plasma CXCL13 Positive
Plasma sCD40L Positive
Plasma RANTES Positive
Plasma TNF-α Positive
Plasma IP-10 Positive
Other cytokines and chemokines None
Havenar-Daughton et al. [81] 228 Plasma CXCL13 Positive
Kadelka et al. [54] 4281 IgG1, IgG2 and IgG3 binding to trimeric Env Positive
IgG1 binding to Env-gp120 Positive
IgG2 binding to Env-gp120 Positive
IgG3 binding to MPER Positive
IgG3 binding to p17 and p24 Positive
Landais et al. [14] 439 Gender None
Age None
Geographical origin None
Total plasma IgG Positive
Env-specific IgG binding titer Positive
Env-specific IgG binding avidity None
HLA genotype Positive (HLA-A*03)
KIR genotype None
Locci et al. [79] 328 CXCR5+CD4+ T cells None
ICOS+PD-1+++ CXCR5+ CD4+ T cells None
PD-1 + CXCR3 CXCR5 + CD4 + memory Tfh cells Positive
CXCR3 CXCR5+CD4+ T cells None
PD-1+CXCR3+ memory Tfh cells None
Mabuka et al. [83] 22 Plasma CXCL13 Positive
Plasma BAFF None
CD19+CD21CD27+ activated memory B cells None
CD19+CD21CD27 tissue-like memory B cells None
CD19+CD21+CD27+ resting memory B cells None
CD19+CD27+CD38+++ plasmablasts None
Mikkell et al. [32] 38 CD4+ and CD8 + T cell expression of:  
Ki67 None
CD57 None
CD38 Positive (CD4+ T cells)
PD-1 Positive (CD4+ T cells)
Moody et al. [75] 239 HLA genotype None
Plasma autoantibodies Positive
PD1 + CXCR3 CXCR5 + CD4 + resting memory Tfh cells Positive
CD25 + Foxp3 + CD4 + Treg cells Negative
CD25+Foxp3+CXCR5+CD4+ follicular Treg cells None
PD-1 expression on CD25 + Foxp3 + CD4 + Treg cells Positive
PD-1 expression on CD25 + Foxp3 + CXCR5 + CD4 + follicular Treg cells Positive
HLA-DR expression on CD4 + Treg cells Positive
CTLA-4 expression on CD4 + Treg cells Positive
LAG-3 expression on CD4 + Treg cells Positive
Genome-wide mutations None
Ranasinghe et al. [77] 67 Gag-specific CD4 + responses Positive
Gp41- specific CD4 + responses Positive
Gp120-specific CD4+ responses None
Richardson et al. [82] 23 ADCC None
ADCD Positive
ADCT Positive
Fc polyfunctionality Positive
FcR binding Positive
C1q binding Positive
IgG subclass diversity Positive
IgG2 binding to trimeric Env, gp120, V3 Positive
IgG2 binding to p24 Positive
IgG4 binding to trimeric Env, gp41, V2 Positive
Plasma CXCL13 Positive
AID expression in B cells Positive
Rusert et al. [12] 4484 Ethnicity Positive (blacks compared to whites)
Gender Weakly positive (modestly higher breadth in men)
Sather et al. [49] 39 Env-specific IgG binding titer None
Env-specific IgG binding avidity Positive
CD8+ T cell levels None
  1. aIndicates total number of subjects included. Specific analyses may have been carried out on subsets of these numbers