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Table 3 Absence of PERV transmission in recent preclinical xenotransplantations

From: Why was PERV not transmitted during preclinical and clinical xenotransplantation trials and after inoculation of animals?

Donor pigs Transplant Recipient (number) Immuno-suppression, encapsulation PERV testing References
PCR analysis Antibody detection
Genetically modified large white × landrace or miniature swine Heterotopic heart, kidney, thymokidney Baboons (10) Mycophenolate mofetil, FK506, anti-CD154mAb, anti-CD2mAb, steroids, radiation, anti-thymocyte globulin, cobra venom factor Micro-chimerism Nt Issa et al. [78]
Genetically modified German landrace × large white Orthotopic heart Baboons (6) Anti-CD20mAb, anti-CD40mAb, ATG, mycophenolate mofetil, methylprednisolone Negative Negative Morozov et al. [79], Denner et al. unpublished
German landrace expressing INSLEA29Y Islet cells Marmosets (4) None Negative Negative Plotzki et al. [53]
Göttingen minipigs Islet cells Cynomolgus monkeys (8) Macrodevice Negative Negative Morozov et al. [80]
Large white × Yorkshire × landrace Islet cells Cynomolgus monkeys (6) Agarose encapsulation Negative Nt Gazda et al. [81]
  1. Only recent trials and only trials performing PERV testing. Seven other trials have been analysed previously [28]
  2. Nt not tested