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Fig. 1

From: Effective treatment of SIVcpz-induced immunodeficiency in a captive western chimpanzee

Fig. 1

Virological evaluation of a western chimpanzee with long-term experimental SIVcpz infection. a Cotton (X115) after initiation of antiviral therapy. Cotton was infected with a highly divergent SIVcpzPts strain (ANT) that differs from HIV-1 in up to 48% of Env protein sequences. b Plasma virus loads (copies/ml) in Cotton over a 17-year time span (sample dates are indicated). SIVcpzANT viral loads were determined using a sensitive validated RT-qPCR method that detects both SIVcpz and HIV-1 infections [21]. A dashed red line indicates the onset of antiretroviral therapy (January 19, 2015). c Nucleotide sequence alignment of HIV-1 clade B and SIVcpzPts strains in the long terminal repeat (LTR) region (SIVcpzANT LTR sequences are not available). Sequences are compared to HIV-1/IIIb, with dots indicating sequence identity and dashes indicating gaps introduced for optimal alignment. LTR sequences from Cotton are much more closely related to SIVcpzPts than to HIV-1 strains, indicating that he is solely infected with SIVcpzANT

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