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Table 1 SNPs showing a significant association with BLV proviral load

From: Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the bovine MHC region of Japanese Black cattle are associated with bovine leukemia virus proviral load

Chromosome Ilumina_IDa Reference cluster IDb Positionc p Minor alleled Minor alleled (case) Minor alleled (control) Major allelee Odds ratiof
23 Hapmap57616-rs29026690 rs29026690 27421348 1.91 × 10−7 A 0.2903 0.1297 G 2.745
23 ARS-BFGL-NGS-113235 rs17872126 28223274 1.91 × 10−7 G 0.2849 0.4906 A 0.414
22 Hapmap33580-BTA-136506 rs110616206 27280154 5.37 × 10−7 A 0.0914 0.01504 G 6.589
  1. aSNP ID assigned by Illumina, Inc
  2. bReference SNP (refSNP) ID assigned in the single nucleotide polymorphism database (dbSNP)
  3. cPositions are based on the bovine genome, assembled in UMD3.1
  4. dMinor allele is minor frequency allele determined in this study
  5. eMajor allele is major frequency allele determined in this study
  6. fOdds ratio is the effective value for estimating how strongly the SNPs associated to the proviral load, using following formula
  7. \( {\text{Odds}}\;{\text{ratio}} = \frac{{\frac{{Minor\,allele\;frequency\,\left( {case} \right)}}{{Minor\;allele\;frequency\;\left( {control} \right)}}}}{{\frac{{Major\;allele\;frequency\;\left( {case} \right)}}{{Major\;allele\;frequency\;\left( {control} \right)}}}} \)