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Fig. 2

From: Identification of a tripartite interaction between the N-terminus of HIV-1 Vif and CBFβ that is critical for Vif function

Fig. 2

Effect of selected double-alanine mutations in Vif on A3G degradation and HIV-1 infectivity. a Stick diagram of amino acids at the Vif–CBFβ interface. 5WQVMVIW11 amino acids of Vif and amino acids 55–68 of CBFβ, and the interaction between W5 of Vif with I55 and F68 of CBFβ are shown. b Representative immunoblots of Flag-A3G, Vif, and tubulin (loading control). Degradation of Flag-A3G was determined by co-transfection of either 0.34 or 0.67 μg of Flag-A3G expression plasmid. c Quantitation of Vif-induced A3G degradation relative to the no Vif control (which was set to 100%) is shown. Bar graphs represent mean and standard deviations of two or more independent transfection experiments and statistical significance was determined using t test; *P < 0.05. d Infectivity of viruses in the presence of different Vif mutants. Data (mean ± SDs from two or more independent experiments done in triplicates) are plotted relative to viruses produced in the presence of WT Vif (set to 100%). Statistical significance was determined using t test; *P < 0.05

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