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Fig. 1

From: A mature macrophage is a principal HIV-1 cellular reservoir in humanized mice after treatment with long acting antiretroviral therapy

Fig. 1

PVL quantification in the plasma of HIV-1 infected and ART treated humanized mice. Humanized NSG mice were infected with HIV-1ADA and after 6 weeks of infection, VL was determined. Then, infected animals were distributed into three groups: untreated control, treated with 2ART or 4ART regimens. Plasma VL was measured after 4 weeks of treatment (10 weeks of HIV-1 infection). The figures represent viral copies/mL detected in plasma, using the COBAS Amplilink detection system. Two-way ANOVA for means (bar) of log10 copies/mL for 4–9 mice/group showed an effect of treatment by time (P = 0.00003). P values from pairwise comparison with Tukey’s HSD post hoc test are shown above each pre- and post-treatment pair groups

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