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Table 1 Summary data on HIV-1 reservoirs and assays in various cell populations

From: Erratum to: Are T cells the only HIV-1 reservoir?

  Memory CD4+T cells Myeloid cells Dendritic cells FDCs Epithelial cells
Monocytes Macrophages pDCs mDCs
Available VOA? Yes (gold standard) [112] Yes [24] Yes [25] No No Yes [87] No
Has VOA been applied to PLWH taking long-term ART? Yes (gold standard) [18] No [24] Yes [25] NA NA Yes [87] No
Has HIV-1 been demonstrated in the indicated cell type in PLWH taking long-term ART? Yes (gold standard) [18] No [24] Yes [25] NA NA Yes [87] Yes [98, 99]
Is HIV in this reservoir replication competent? Yes (gold standard) [18] NA No NA NA Yes [87] NA
Available animal models? Yes [124] Yes [24, 58] Yes [24, 58] Yes [130] Yes [130] Yes [85] No
Have animal models been studied during long-term ART? Yes [138] No No No No No No
Do animal models with suppressed viremia contain replication competent HIV-1? Yes [138] NA NA NA NA NA NA
Longevity or T½ of uninfected cells 1–12 months [29, 30]a 2–3 days [31] ≥24–36 months [32]b ? ? ? ?
Longevity or T½ of reservoir in this cell type 44 months [18]a NA ? ? ? 9 months [85]c ?
  1. ? Not known, NA not applicable
  2. aThere are discrepant data on the longevity of uninfected memory CD4+T cells and latent HIV-1 reservoirs therein. However, it is difficult to accurately estimate the T½ of HIV-1 infected T cells due to possible clonal proliferation: i.e., the listed T½ describes the duration of the HIV-1 reservoir itself, but does not directly address the T½ of the cell that harbors the reservoir
  3. bIn the described experiments, donor alveolar macrophages were found 2–3 years after lung transplantation in human subjects: while we assume that these TRM persisted for this duration, it is possible that they underwent proliferation and replacement locally
  4. cThe indicated longevity is for the infectious virions that were found on FDC dendrites, although it is controversial whether this cell type was actually infected
  5. 138 Dinoso JB, Rabi SA, Blankson JN, Gama L, Mankowski JL, Siliciano RF, Zink MC, Clements JE. A simian immunodeficiency virus-infected macaque model to study viral reservoirs that persist during highly active antiretroviral therapy. J Virol. 2009;83(18):9247–57