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Fig. 9

From: Identification of small molecule modulators of HIV-1 Tat and Rev protein accumulation

Fig. 9

791, 833, and 892 have limited effects on cellular alternative splicing events. HeLa HIVrtTA∆Mls cells were incubated with a 791 (30 µM), b 833 (2 µM), or c 892 (15 µM) for 24 h in the presence of Dox. Total RNA was harvested and used in RT-PCR assays to monitor changes in 73 host genes known to undergo alternative splicing. Mean alternative splicing changes (PSI, percent spliced in) were plotted comparing DMSO and compound treatment (N = 3, RT-PCR). Diagonal dotted line no difference between treatments. Dots above/below the diagonal increased/decreased exon inclusion. |ΔPSI| ≥ 10 and 20% are indicated as red and yellow dots (labelled), respectively. Statistically significant alternative splicing changes with |ΔPSI| ≤10% are indicated by the gray dots (Student’s t test, two-tailed). Error bars not shown. Pearson correlations (R values) are shown. See Additional files 7, 8, 9: Tables S2, S3, S4 for a complete description of the data obtained

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