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Fig. 4

From: Identification of small molecule modulators of HIV-1 Tat and Rev protein accumulation

Fig. 4

Compound treatment dramatically decreases the expression of HIV-1 structural and regulatory proteins. HeLa HIVrtTA∆Mls cells were incubated with DMSO (control), 791 (30 µM), 833 (2 µM), or 892 (15 µM) for 24 h in the absence (−) or presence of (+) of Dox. Cells were subsequently harvested and shown are representative blots showing the effect of the compounds on HIV-1 a Gag protein and b Env protein expression relative to GAPDH or α-tubulin expression as loading controls (SDS-PAGE, N ≥ 3). Images showing p55, p41, and p24 expression were cropped from same blot visualized at different exposure times due to difference in abundance of these isoforms. c Representative blots showing the effect of the compounds on HIV-1 Rev and Tat protein expression relative to α-tubulin expression as loading control (SDS-PAGE, N ≥ 3). For the blot shown, lanes were cropped from the same blot to show compound-treated lanes adjacent to DMSO-treated control lanes

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