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Fig. 3

From: Identification of small molecule modulators of HIV-1 Tat and Rev protein accumulation

Fig. 3

791 and 833 inhibit replication of multiple HIV-1 variants. To assess the ability of compounds to inhibit replication of different HIV-1 strains and viral variants having resistance to HIV-1 inhibitors, CEM-GXR cells, containing an exogenous Tat-driven LTR-GFP expression cassette, were infected with clade A (97USSN54 (N54)) or clade B (IIIB) strains of HIV-1 or pNL4-3 virus having mutations conferring resistance to protease inhibitors (PRI, strain 2948), reverse transcriptase inhibitors (RTI, strain E00443)), or integrase inhibitors (INI, strain 11845). See Additional file 3: Table 1 for a full description of the drug resistant viruses used. Cell cultures containing serial dilutions of the molecule in the final concentrations of a 0.725–46.87 μM for 791, b 0.156–5 μM for 833, or c 1.95–62.5 μM for 892. Antiviral activity was evaluated measuring frequency of HIV-1 infected (GFP positive) cells by flow cytometric analysis. For viable cell counts, the gate in a flow cytometer was set to cover 95% of the freshly passaged uninfected CEM-GXR cell or ViaCount™ was used

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