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Fig. 1

From: Mechanistic differences between HIV-1 and SIV nucleocapsid proteins and cross-species HIV-1 genomic RNA recognition

Fig. 1

Sequence and structural features of HIV-1 and SIV NC proteins. a Schematic diagrams of NC proteins: HIV-1 NL4-3 NC and SIVmne NC. Basic residues are colored blue, acidic residues are colored red, the CCHC residues that coordinate the Zn2+ ions in the ZFs are colored gray, and the aromatic residue in each finger is underlined. The numbering is based on the sequence of the mature NC protein in each case. b Sequence alignment of HIV-1 and SIV NC proteins. Coloring and underlining are the same as in (a). The boxes indicate the sequence comprising each ZF

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