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Fig. 1

From: Frequency and Env determinants of HIV-1 subtype C strains from antiretroviral therapy-naive subjects that display incomplete inhibition by maraviroc

Fig. 1

Residual viral entry in the presence of saturating MVC in NP2-CD4/CCR5 cells infected with HIV-1 subtype C Envs from a longitudinal progressor study. Luciferase reporter viruses pseudotyped with HIV-1 subtype C Envs were used to infect NP2-CD4/CCR5 cells in the presence of saturating amounts of MVC. Residual entry was expressed as the percentage of entry achieved compared to no drug controls. The data points are means of triplicate wells. Dotted line, arbitrary cutoff value set by MVC-Sens residual entry; red dots, clones above cutoff and thus considered resistant; black dots, clones below cutoff and thus considered sensitive. E enrolment timepoint, I intermediate timepoint, F final timepoint

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