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Fig. 5 | Retrovirology

Fig. 5

From: An HIV-1 capsid binding protein TRIM11 accelerates viral uncoating

Fig. 5

MLV and HIV-1 bearing capsid G89V mutation are insensitive to restriction by TRIM11 on the early stage of replication. a HEK293 cells expressing TRIM11-HA or empty vector pCDH were infected with different amount of HIV-1 or MLV, and viral transduction was assessed at 24 or 48 h post infection by luciferase activity. b Similar experiments were carried out as described in a, with HEK293 cells in which TRIM11 expression levels were stably knocked down with shRNA-1 specific to TRIM11. c The indicated HEK293 cell lines were infected with 20 ng/ml (p24gag) wild type HIV-1 as well as different capsid mutants and late reverse transcription levels were assessed at 6 h post infection by qPCR. Error bars represent the standard deviations from three independent replicates. *P < 0.05

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