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Fig. 5

From: Buffering deleterious polymorphisms in highly constrained parts of HIV-1 envelope by flexible regions

Fig. 5

Identification of the coevolving partner of amino acid 202. In each panel, a schematic representation of the chimerical Env is provided on the left and the level of functionality on the right. Color code: Env B grey, env G black. a Various regions of Env G are replaced in Env B 202G, as indicated. The functionality of the Env B 202G is given as reference on the left of the dotted line. n varies between 3 and 6, according to the sample considered. b Functionality of G 202G Env where the V3 region was replaced by that of subtype B. c Effect of the replacement of the V3 region from isolate G in Env B and of a V3 from B in Env G. n varies between 4 and 5, depending on the sample considered

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