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Table 2 N332-directed heterologous NAb responses in elite neutralizer D16916

From: HIV-1 escapes from N332-directed antibody neutralization in an elite neutralizer by envelope glycoprotein elongation and introduction of unusual disulfide bonds

  ID50 a Foldd reduction
WTb N332A
92BR020 1711 49 35
JRCSF 211 60 3.5
MGRM-C-026 269 70 3.9
  T332Nc WT (T332)  
BG505 63 <40 >1.5
  1. a50 % inhibitory dilution (ID50)
  2. bID50 of month 14 serum tested against the 92BR020 and JRCSF (both clade B) and MGRM-C-026 (clade C) viruses and their N332A mutants
  3. cID50 of month 30 serum tested against the BG505 virus (clade A) and its T332N mutant
  4. dThe fold-reduction in neutralization as a consequence of the lack of the N332-glycan