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Fig. 3

From: HIV-1 escapes from N332-directed antibody neutralization in an elite neutralizer by envelope glycoprotein elongation and introduction of unusual disulfide bonds

Fig. 3

Extension of V1 and insertion of unusual disulfide bonds. a Amino acid alignment of the D16916 V1 loop of clonal HIV-1 variants isolated over time. Cysteine residues are indicated in dark grey boxes and potential N-linked glycans in light grey. The frequencies of additional cysteines (0: blue, 2: red, 4: green) in the sequences from viruses isolated at 7, 11 and 19, 22 and 30 months post-SC combined are shown in the pie charts. HXB2 numbering has been used to annotate the positions of the conserved cysteine residues. Arrows indicate the positions of the introduced cysteine residues. b The length of V1 and c the number of PNGS in V1 of clonal HIV-1 variants over the course of infection are shown. In both panels, the horizontal bars represent the mean values per time point tested and differences were considered statistically significant when p values were ≤ 0.05, represented by asterisks (***p ≤ 0.001)

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