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Fig. 1

From: HIV-1 escapes from N332-directed antibody neutralization in an elite neutralizer by envelope glycoprotein elongation and introduction of unusual disulfide bonds

Fig. 1

Development of heterologous and autologous NAb responses in elite neutralizer D16916. a Neutralizing activity over the course of HIV-1 infection against the individual viruses of a 6-virus panel that is representative for HIV-1 variation worldwide [8, 32]. The ID50 against each virus as well as the geometric mean midpoint titer for all 6 viruses combined are given for D16916 sera taken 8, 11, 14, 19, 22, 26, 30, 34 and 38 months post-SC. A color scale is used to indicate low (green) to high (red) ID50 values. b Longitudinal neutralization of autologous viruses. The mean ID50 values of longitudinal sera (x-axis) against the autologous viruses (3 for month 7 and 6 for month 11, all in grey) are plotted in green (month 7) and blue (month 11). The red line indicates the geometric mean midpoint titer against the heterologous 6-virus panel from a [14]

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