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Fig. 2

From: Innate immune defects in HIV permissive cell lines

Fig. 2

Activation of primary CD4+ T cells produces an intermediate expression phenotype in clusters of innate immunity genes differentiating resting CD4+ T cells from permissive cell lines. Distribution of expression levels of the 249 (a) and 110 (b) gene clusters represented as violin plots. Seven distributions are shown summarizing the average expression values in resting CD4+ T cells (dark red), activated CD4+ T cells at 8 h (red) and 24 h (orange) after TCR activation, and four human laboratory cell lines HEK293T (pink), Jurkat (light violet), SupT1 (magenta) and CEM (dark violet). Lines within the plots represent the median of such distributions. All distributions are significantly different from the resting CD4+ T cells in both panels (Wilcoxon rank sum test, Bonferroni p.adjusted <1E−3). Expression values on the y-axis represent the log10 transformation of the number of library size-normalized reads per kilobase of exonic sequence averaged within cell type (Methods)

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