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Table 3 Effect of depletion of G37080 BCN plasma antibodies on autologous virus neutralization

From: Association of mutations in V3/C3 domain with enhanced sensitivity of HIV-1 clade C primary envelopes to autologous broadly neutralizing plasma antibodies

G37080 depleted plasma (fold reduction in ID50)
Env-pseudotyped viruses gp140 Trimer (BG505-SOSIP.664) gp120 Monomer (4-2.J41) MPER (C1C peptide) References
HVTR-PG80v2.eJ7 >150.0 80.0 1.00 This study
HVTR-PG80v2.eJ38 (v2.eJ7V3/C3) >70.0 >10.0 1.10 This study
HVTR-PG80v1.eJ7 >10.03 0.9 1.12 [13]
HVTR-PG80v1.eJ19 >15.60 0.5 1.18 [13]
92BR020 >35.08 1.1 1.34 [13]
  1. Fold reduction in virus neutralization was obtained by comparing the neutralization titer (ID50 values) of Env-pseudotyped viruses against undepleted and depleted G37080 plasma. ID50 values are reciprocal dilutions at which the undepleted and depleted plasma conferred 50 % neutralization of the Env-pseudotyped viruses in TZM-bl cells. ‘v1’ and ‘v2’ refers to Envs obtained from visit 1 and visit 2 plasma samples