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Table 1 Similarity of amino acid sequence of PG80 v2.eJ7 env with that of other autologous envs

From: Association of mutations in V3/C3 domain with enhanced sensitivity of HIV-1 clade C primary envelopes to autologous broadly neutralizing plasma antibodies

Donor visit # Autologous envs % Identitya % Similarityb
Visit # 2 PG80v2.eJ7 100.0 100.0
  PG80v2.eJ38 95.7 98.0
  PG80v2.eJ41 95.3 98.0
Visit # 1 PG80v1.eJ6a 94.0 97.2
  PG80v1.eJ7 94.3 97.6
  PG80v1.eJ19 92.9 97.3
  PG80v1.eJ158 93.2 97.2
  PG80v1.eJ166 93.8 97.4
  1. LALIGN tool ( was used to obtain sequence identity and similarity
  2. a‘% identity’ refers to the degree of correlation between two un-gapped sequences and indicates that the amino acid at the particular position is an exact match
  3. b‘ % similarity’ refers to the degree of resemblance between two sequences and indicates that the amino acids at a particular position have some properties in common (e.g., charge or hydrophobicity) but are not identical