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Fig. 4 | Retrovirology

Fig. 4

From: NK cells control HIV‐1 infection of macrophages through soluble factors and cellular contacts in the human decidua

Fig. 4

IFN-γ concentration in the culture supernatants. a The IFN-γ concentrations in 48 h supernatants of infected dMs, infected double chamber cocultures, infected cocultures and dNK cells are depicted on the graph in pg/mL (9 donors, except for dNK cell supernatants, 6 donors). The IFN-γ concentrations in supernatants of b uninfected (NI) and infected (HIV-1BaL) double chamber cocultures, c uninfected (NI) and infected (HIV-1BaL) cocultures are displayed on the graph in pg/mL (6 donors). The medians are displayed. The sign-rank test for paired data was used. *p = 0.031; **p = 0.004

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