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Fig. 6

From: In vivo analysis of the effect of panobinostat on cell-associated HIV RNA and DNA levels and latent HIV infection

Fig. 6

Analysis of panobinostat treatment on HIV latency in infected, suppressed BLT mice. BLT mice were infected with HIV-1JR-CSF, suppressed by antiretroviral therapy, and treated with panobinostat as described in Fig. 3. Resting human CD4+ T cells were isolated from the pooled tissues of each mouse, and analyzed by flow cytometry (a). Numbers of latently infected cells per million resting CD4+ T cells were determined by quantitative viral outgrowth assay. Median and interquartile range plotted with comparisons by Mann–Whitney test: ns p > 0.05. Blue circles denote control; red squares denote panobinostat-treated

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